Recycling Programme


Blue Recycling Bins

More than 4,000 blue recycling bins have been put in place throughout
the Municipality. Various types of recyclable packaging items can be placed in these bins,
except for special waste. Recycling items need not be placed in bags before
being deposited in these bins, while packaging waste, eg cardboard boxes, must
be compressed so that they do not take up extra space. Only recyclable items -
and, in no case, conventional waste - should be deposited in these bins.
Recycled materials are collected from these bins daily. They
are emptied using special vehicles and the materials are taken to the Recycled
Item Sorting Centre, where they are sorted and forwarded for recycling.



Integrated reciprocal recycling centres 

A total of 30integrated reciprocal recycling centres are situated on
squares throughout the Municipality, where plastic bottles, glass bottles,
metal containers, paper packaging and special waste such as mobile telephones and batteries,
are collected. Citizens who deposit recyclable items in the units can earn
discount coupons or make a monetary donation to a charity. The municipal
administration intends to increase the number of reciprocal recycling centres to 100 during its term.



Bell-shaped paper and cardboard collection bins

A total of 158 yellow, bell-shaped printed paper and paper packaging
collection bins (3.3 m3
capacity) have been placed throughout the city. It is estimated some 550
tonnes of paper will be deposited in them on an annual basis.


Bell-shaped glass collection bins

A total of 20 bell-shaped glass collection bins have been placed in central city locations. 


Recycling of electrical appliances
and electronic goods

The City of Athens
is collaborating with an approved electrical goods recycling operator. It has
already begun to recover such goods and forward them for recycling. Citizens
can call 1960 and make arrangements to deposit electrical items at a specific
time and place, so that municipal staff can then collect them. These appliances
must be disposed of with care to avoid breakage and the release of toxic
substances into the environment.


Battery recycling

The City of Athens
supports approved battery recycling systems and forwards the batteries (including car batteries) it
recovers for recycling.


Recycling of old vehicles

The City of Athens
cooperates with an approved old vehicle recycling operator and forward
abandoned vehicles it recovers for recycling.


Recycling of oil products

The City of Athens
recovers oil products from its mechanical equipment and forwards them for
recycling to an approved operator, with which the City cooperates.


Recycling of car tyres

The City of
Athens collects tyres used by its vehicular fleet and forwards them for
recycling to an approved recycling company, with which the Municipality


Underground Recycling System

The City of
Athens has installed an underground recycling system, for all types of
recyclable materials, at Petroula Square, in the area of Kolonos.


Paper recycling

The City of Athens provides paper recycling bins for interior spaces of public
and private entities, at no cost. 


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