City of Athens Vocational Training Centre

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The municipal corporation "City of Athens Vocational Training Centre" was founded in 1995 (Official Government Gazette 5659/2-10-1995) with the City of Athens as the main shareholder and with the involvement of the Municipal Enterprises for the Protection and Promotion of the Athens Gazi Industrial Archaeological Park, "Technopolis" (former Athens Gasworks Municipal Enterprise) and the City of Athens Insurance Agency "City of Athens Insurances".


Its purpose is to provide appropriate, advanced professional knowledge through LIFELONG LEARNING programmes that aim to reinforce, improve and enhance the knowledge, abilities and skills of the Attica Region workforce. The Company strategically chooses to place emphasis on high quality services and innovative educational programmes. In order to meet the needs and demands of Athens residents, and always in accordance with Municipal policy, the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre became one of the first Municipal corporations and the few vocational training organisations to acquire ISO: 9001 certification, thereby guaranteeing the high quality of services it provides. At the same time, City of Athens Vocational Training Centre Administration seeks to formulate and implement programmes which truly meet the needs of the modern-day business environment.


The centre targets private, public and municipal enterprises, local authorities, trade unions and associations, the unemployed and business executives, providing continuing vocational training to all individuals without discrimination - in an environment of equality where mutual respect exists between administrative staff, educators and trainees. It aims to safeguard and improve the conditions for knowledge development.

The City of Athens Vocational Training Centre is certified by the National Accreditation Centre for Continuing Vocational Training (EKEPIS), which is part of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection (City of Athens Vocational Training Centre code: 12101065), in the following fields:


  • Environment
  • Health & Welfare
  • Culture & Sports
  • Pedagogical
  • Finance & Administration
  • Information technology
  • Travel & Service Provision
  • Agriculture
  • Technical Matters & Transport


Specialised professors of Higher Education Institutions, who possess years of experience, teach at the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre in all certified subject fields, offering top-level training. The Company also utilises modern equipment and audiovisual aids.

Additionally, the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre serves as an authorised ECDL, Infotest, KeyCERT and ICT Hellas testing centre and works closely with numerous recognised agencies in international collaborations and research programmes, the ultimate goal being the provision of top-quality professional training.



Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
Administration Building
22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
Tel: 1595

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