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The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) supports the Municipality's operational capacity with its expertise and dedicated human resources, giving impetus to the development potential of the city of Athens as a modern, European metropolis. Athens is a metropolitan center that is endowed with unique urban and physical characteristics, rendering it a popular year-round tourist destination at both a European as well as at an international level. It is a city committed to sustainable and inclusive development.
The current volatility of the economic environment has been the driving force in bringing to the forefront the city's productive forces; an initiative is currently underway in order to reverse the country capital's negative publicity by highlighting the its positive attributes.
In this context, ADDMA plays an important role by designing and implementing an integrated action plan aiming to ensure social cohesion and improve the quality of life of city residents. As part of the European strategy Europe 2020, the city of Athens is aiming at smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, by making good use of its comparative advantages and dealing with the challenges that have been recently exacerbated due to critical socio-economic conditions.
Integrated strategic planning and its successful implementation along with effective utilization of all European financial instruments and policy tools constitutes the most crucial challenge that the city is faced with for the current decade. ADDMA has responded successfully to this challenge and is rapidly progressing in achieving its objectives.
With this new mission, ADDMA has designed a comprehensive 10-year Development Program with specific goals and measures. The key priorities and objectives of its strategic planning are:
Boosting competitiveness and entrepreneurship: The goal is to support local entrepreneurship. The enhancement of the tourism sector is a strategic priority within this axis.
Improving Athenians' quality of life: The quality of everyday life will be improved by a series of cutting-edge green development policies and actions.
Promoting urban regeneration: Urban areas are to be regenerated through the substantial renovation and development of public buildings, squares, open spaces and city infrastructures.
Managing the social crisis: Alleviating social imbalances through targeted interventions tackling poverty and ensuring social inclusion.
Technical Assistance: ADDMA provides technical assistance to municipal departments and affiliated organisations in order to ensure both smooth implementation and to sustain its impact.
Board of Directors
Chairman: Maria Logotheti, Head, Mayor's office
Vice President: Andreas Gennimatas, Member of the Athens City Council, Entrepreneur
CEO: Alexis Galinos, Economist

Athanasios Tsiouras, Lawyer
Thomas Katsadouros, Economist
George Polenakis, Economist
Theocharis Konstantatos, Political Science
Athanasios Kottaras, Economist


Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
Administration Building
22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
Tel: 1595

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