Insurance - Consultative Services Company

Address: 145 Liosion str. Athens

Telephone: 210 3311280-1

Fax: 210 3239498, 210 3314655

Ε-mail: [email protected]


ICSC DLC is a direct continuation of the Municipal
Insurance Agency “City of Athens Insurance”, founded in 1982.


The Company’s objective was, and continues to be, the
conduction of insurance mediation business for every branch of private
insurance (vehicle insurance, liability insurance, legal protection, health
coverage etc.), for both private citizens and Municipalities.


On March 27th 2009, the company statute was modified and the company was
ORGANIZATIONS”. Since then, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities
of Greece has been a shareholder.


Services are provided on a broader intermunicipal and geographic area, so
much towards Local Authority Organizations - and their consecutive unions -, as
much as towards private citizens, this way contributing in the financial and
sustainable development of Municipalities and their Citizens.


In the context of its purposes, the company may:

  • Technically support L.A.A., by conducting investigations aiming at securing
    their Liability, supporting them on wording the insurance policy terms of
    research and works by local authorities, carried out either by self-labor or
    contracting, insuring artwork, special collections and cultural events,
    insuring personnel, labor union members, and insurance fund members,  providing risk assessment and risk analysis
  • Be a certified insurance broker education carrier.
  • Compile development studies and researches, as well as complete development
    programs and projects.
  • Compile technical reports and diagnostic reports, such as investigation
    reports or expertise reports, and conduct documentations,
  • Plan programs for the European Union Community Support Framework.
  • Support the City of Athens’ antiseismic plan, or any other requesting
    carrier’s plan.
  • Enrich its client portfolio with a greater number of private citizens, since - thanks to its partners’ expertise and its long - standing presence on the
    insurance field - ISCS is able to cover any case of private insurance coverage.


ISCS DLC is the unique advisor
of Local Authority Organizations on matters of risk insurance, something which
is considered a guarantee for many local authority carriers (Municipalities,
Communities, Prefectures) that are willing to trust their insurance projects in
ISCS, and even more for citizens who desire an independent and objective
assessment of their insurance requirements.


ISCS is collaborating with the
largest Greek Insurance Companies, as well as with representatives of Lloyd’s
of London, so that it’s able to suggest the market’s best insurance packages
and offer different choices.


In its new form, its dynamic
and its prestige, given by its new shareholders, by the Local Authority
Organizations’ trust and by its private clients, as well as by the
collaborating insurance companies, ISCS DLC stands as an invaluable consultant
for every insurance requirement.


The Company’s experienced partners offer
free-of-charge advisory services for every insurance policy, they assess the
clients’ existing insurance policies and they submit suggestions and proposals
for improving them.



Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
Administration Building
22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
Tel: 1595

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