Mayor's Office

  • Handles the personal correspondence of the Mayor and keeps the relevant record
  • Plans and organizes the meetings of the Mayor
  • Keeps the calendar of the personal contacts of the Mayor


Mayor's Office

Address: 63 Athinas St., 105 52 Athens
Tel.: (+30) 210 3310861, 2103722023
Fax: (+30) 210 3722364
E-mail: [email protected]

The Mayor's Cabinet consists of the following offices:
a1. Office of the Special Advisers, Special Associates and Scientific Associates
a2. Press Office
Press Officer for the Mayor of Athens: Katerina Galanou
Address: 63 Athinas St., 105 52 Athens
Tel.: (+30) 210 3722141, 210 3722163
Fax: (+30) 210 3722302
E-mail:  [email protected], [email protected]
a3. City Resilience and Sustainability Office 
a4. Office for Securing the Quality of Service


Department of International Cooperation & Public Relations

Head of Department: Vicky Chyta
Tel.: (+30) 210 3722010, 2103722178
E-mail: [email protected]

The Department:

  • Has the responsibility of organizing and implementing all kinds of municipal events as well as programs for the promotion of the work and services provided by the municipality.
  • Oversees the organization, reception, accommodation and tour of foreign personalities or delegations, foreign and domestic.
  • Takes care of all necessary procedures for the travels of municipal delegations abroad.
  • Oversees and organizes various award ceremonies. 
  • Processes and forwards all financial issues to the appropriate municipal services.
  • Carries out, following an approval by the Municipal Council, the procedures for the procurement of all goods or services necessary for the correct organization of the above mentioned events.
  • Promotes and develops the participation of the City of Athens in the processes of the Urban Agenda within the framework of the EU and in cooperation with relevant city networks and European initiatives.  
  • Promotes, develops and cultivates the relations between the municipality and international and European organizations as well as with Local Government organizations. 
  • Enhances the cooperation and development of the relations of the municipality with other Local Government-oriented organizations as well as with those foreign cities and countries that are among the priorities of each Municipal Authority.
  • Promotes, develops and cultivates the relations of technical, scientific and cultural cooperation with foreign stakeholders and city networks, in collaboration with the relevant municipal stakeholders.  
  • Oversees the technical and scientific support of the municipal activities abroad and coordinates the works of all conferences in which the municipality takes part.

The Department of International Cooperation & Public Relations consists of the following offices:

a1. E.U. Information Office - Europe Direct
Office manager: Omiros Manaras
Tel.: (+30) 210 3722063
E-mail: [email protected]

a2. Healthy Cities Office
Office managers: Christos Paschos
Tel.: (+30) 210 3722180

The Department:

  • Monitors and coordinates the inter-sectoral cooperation between the municipal services in the sectors of health, welfare, culture, environment, sustainable urban development and quality of life in the city, according to the principles of the European Healthy Cities Network of the World Health Organization
  • Proposes and implements programs and actions of health promotion and education, both physical and mental, aiming at the creation of a natural and structured environment that encourages and supports health, recreation, well-being, security, social action, accessibility, mobility ability and a sense of cultural identity
  • Creates a network of partners from Universities, NGOs, Volunteer Organizations, Stakeholders and Companies aiming at the elaboration and implementation of the programs mentioned above
  • Organizes workshops – conferences in order to inform and raise public awareness about health, environmental and culture issues, and prepares the participation of the Municipality in information, know-how and good practices exchange networks with other cities, in Greece and abroad
  • Documents and evaluates all data constituting the environmental image of Athens in cooperation with the Department of Topography and Environment of the Directorate of Urban Planning and Environment
  • Represents the City of Athens in the National Multi-municipal Healthy Cities Network


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Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
Administration Building
22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
Tel: 1595

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