Adopt-A-Tree in Athens!


Renewed and under the “umbrella” of a set of actions “Adopt your city”, the project “Adopt-A-Tree” restarts this year, after the significant response of citizens in Athens during its pilot operation last summer.

This project, by the Municipality of Athens, offers Athenians the opportunity to “adopt” newly planted trees and to help them survive through summer draught and grow, by simply watering them.

The process is simple and is made through the free application Novoville.

Why should I adopt a tree?

Every year, the Municipality of Athens plants approximately 600 newly planted trees that are placed in its existing or newly formed rows of trees. These newly-planted trees need watering 3-4 times per week so that they survive summer droughts. The Municipality, during this period, loses 10%-40% of its newly planted trees, due to high temperatures and also due to fire protection needs, where its aquifers fleet is engaged. It is thus essential that we, citizens, water these trees with 15 litres of water every 2 days during the hot season (May to September) so as to increase their chances to survive. From October to April these trees need water less frequently; 10 litres of water, once per week.

Trees have many positive effects in urban environments. They help by retaining airborne pollutants, absorbing carbon dioxide - the leading driver of climate change - and releasing large amounts of oxygen. They help cool cities through evapotranspiration and by providing shade; they reduce flooding events and noise pollution; they provide an essential natural habitat for birds and insects; and they bring aesthetic value to our neighborhoods. Especially for the densely built environment of the Municipality of Athens, the rows of trees are one of the most beneficial microclimatic elements. In some parts of the city they are probably the only forms of green that can be placed.

Maintaining them is important for biodiversity, improving the microclimate and the aesthetics of the city and our neighbourhoods.

New technologies change dramatically the relationship between municipality and citizen and also the relationship between citizens and their neighbourhoods. The Municipality of Athens pioneers and integrates new actions in the electronic platform of communication and interaction between the municipality and the citizen, Novoville. Through this application, citizen can now, among other actions, to help in an easy way to maintain green in the streets of Athens and to contribute significantly to improve daily life in their neighbourhoods.

How can I adopt a tree?

So as to adopt a tree, the application Novoville has to be downloaded either from Google Play and for iOS devices from App Store, or to visit το Novoville WebApp, on the municipality’s webpage by clicking on and to follow 4 simple steps as described here:

Each citizen can adopt up to three trees, and the number of people who can adopt a particular tree is up to three as well. By adopting a tree, you are helping to maintain the trees on the streets of Athens, and making a valuable contribution to your neighborhood.

“‘Adopt your city’ is one of the most essential and important projects for the changes that are made within the city. Important for the results that it exhibits up to date and important as it activates citizens, agencies, businesses to become part of a different Athens. on the activation of citizens. A city that is human, clean and thanks to ‘adopt a tree’ cleaner” stressed the Mayor of Athens, Costas Mpakogiannis, on the occasion of the beginning of this renewed project.

And let's not forget to stay safe while watering: keep social distancing and wash our hands regularly!

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