Computer Skills Classes


  • Address: 5 Favierou & Mayer sts, 104 38 Athens
  • Telephone: 210 5221047
  • Fax: 210 5221140
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Secretariat opening hours: 09:00 - 14:00

The City of Athens Vocational Training Centre offers computer skills classes comprising the following modules:

  • Basic computer concepts
  • Operating systems and file management (Windows)
  • Word processing (Word)
  • Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Databases (Access)
  • Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Information & Communications (Internet & Outlook)

Complimentary provisions

  • Free registration
  • A folder and notes
  • Text book with complete course material
  • Unlimited time for computer practice or Internet access, not only during the study period but also afterwards
  • A CD-ROM with free, useful programmes (eg. Touch-typing course) and other educational material
  • A seminar attendance certificate

Cost of Participation

  • Training programme comprising 7 modules [€500]
  • Training programme - individual modules [€100 per module]
  • Self-education programme [Free for those who choose one of the two abovementioned programmes]*

* An additional self-education course of unlimited duration is offered as part of certified Computer workshops run by the ECDL testing centre. It includes ECDL content examples, exercises and a familiarisation demo for each examination module, including corrections. An examination centre supervisor offers guidance upon request. The self-education option is available to students until the completion of the examination period.

Computer competency certification exams

At a time when the field of vocational training and certification faces significant challenges, convergence with European and international standards serves as a guaranteed course of action.

Within this context, the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre cooperates with established international Computer Competency Certification agencies, which are recognised by the Organisation for Vocational Education and Training (OEEK). Examinations are conducted on a regular basis for all who wish to obtain a recognized diploma in computer competency certifying skills on introductory, basic, advanced and expert levels.

Certification exams are organized for students who have attended computer skills classes run by the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre and those who already possess the requisite knowledge and wish to take part in the testing procedure.

Since 2003 hundreds of students have passed the City of Athens Vocational Training Centre Computer Competency Certification exams. The success rates, particularly for those who have attended City of Athens Vocational Training Centre classes, are among the highest for certification testing of this kind.

For further information on participation requirements for the examination procedure, the testing centre, examination material and the free knowledge evaluation available to individuals before they submit their application for computer competence certification testing, contact the Vocational Training Centre secretariat.


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