City of Athens Municipal Parking System

The municipal parking system has made the search for a parking space in the city centre a great deal easier. The 1st Phase of the system has been implemented in the historic centre, Kolonaki, Exarchia, Plaka and Psyrri.

As of 01/03/2010, it has been expanded to include the vicinity of the Athens Concert Hall, the Panathinaikos Stadium and the areas of Goudi, Ilissia and Thission (2nd Phase).

The central Athens municipal parking system comprises 2,538 parking spaces for permanent residents (vertical P70 “P-Residents” sign and horizontal sign, blue lineation), 1,956 spaces for short-term visitors (vertical P69 “P - With payment” sign and horizontal sign, white lineation) and 1,000 spaces for special use and commercial use (vertical P40 “Parking is not permitted. Vehicles exempted…” sign and horizontal sign, yellow lineation).

The municipal parking system - as regards short-term visitors - is in effect Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday from 9:00 to 16:00.

Time and day limitations do not apply to parking spaces designated for permanent residents and special use. Additionally, vehicles bearing a permit for persons with disabilities are free to park anywhere and anytime, at no cost.

Permanent residents can apply to the City of Athens for a special parking permit that should be affixed to the windscreen of their vehicle.

For visitors, the maximum time permissible for short-term parking is three hours. The parking fee for a 30-minute period is 50 cents. The rate for every additional 30-minute period is 50 cents, up until the second hour. The fee for a two-hour period is €2. The flat rate for a 2.5-hour period is €4, while the rate for three hours is €6.

Parking fees are paid

  • with a pre-paid voucher (50 cents, €1 and €2) or
  • with a pre-paid cash card (€5, €10, €20 and €50), which involves using a mobile phone to call the provider's automated service system on telephone 1577.

Pre-paid cash cards can be purchased from third-party sellers (kiosks etc) and the staff of parking management service provider Parkmobile Hellas SA.

Special-use parking spaces, whose rate in the initial phase of the system's implementation stands at €1,800, are managed by the municipal authority and designated in accordance with Athens City Council decisions to facilitate specific professional needs (eg, ministries, public benefit organisations, hospitals, hotels) and occupational groups as deemed necessary.

Individuals who occupy short-term parking spaces (P-69 “P - With Payment” sign) without paying the required parking fee, or exceed the time limit for which they have paid or exceed the maximum permissible parking time limit (three hours) are subject to a €20-euro fine (which is reduced by half if paid within a 10-day period).

Individuals who occupy permanent resident parking spaces (P70 “P-Residents” sign) without bearing the special resident parking permit or the special-use parking spaces (P40 “Parking is not permitted. Vehicles exempted…” sign) are subject to an €80 fine (which is reduced by half if paid within a 10-day period)

The areas where the first phase of the parking system has been implemented are divided into the following seven zones:

  • Zone 1

It covers Rigillis St and the Hilton hotel. Bounded by: Vasilissis Sofias Ave, Hatziyianni Mexi St, Michalakopoulou St, Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, P. Aravantinou St, Meleagrou St, Stisichorou St, Lykiou St, Irodou Attikou St.

  • Zone 2

It covers the eastern section of Kolonaki with Dexameni Square (located in Zone 3) and Filikis Eterias Square (located in Zone 2) serving as a natural border. Bounded by: Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Ioannou Gennadiou St, Souidias St, Aristodimou St, Hoida St, Doras Distria St, Aristippou St, Mantzavelaki St, Xanthippou St, Glykonos St, Dexameni Square, Xanthou St, Anagnostopoulou St, Filikis Eterias Square, Koumbari St.

  • Zone 3

It covers the remaining (western) area of Kolonaki and the southern section of the city centre. Bounded by: Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Koumbari St, Filikis Eterias Square, Anagnostopoulou St, Xanthou St, Dexameni Square, Glykonos St, Xanthippou St, Mantzavelaki St, Evelpidos Ilia Rogakou St, Itis St, Sina St, Panepistimiou Ave.

  • Zone 4

It covers the northern section of the city centre and Exarchia. Bounded by: Sina St, Panepistimiou Ave, Patission St, Stournari St, Soultani St, Themistokleous St, Solonos St, Ippokratous St, Oktaviou Merlie St.

  • Zone 5

It covers the commercial triangle, extending along the length of the city centre as far as Panepistimiou Ave. Bounded by: Panepistimiou Ave, Vasilissis Amalias Ave, Othonos St, Syntagma Square, Ermou St, Athinas St, Omonia Square, Eolou St.

  • Zone 6

It covers Psyrri and the Geraniou St area. Bounded by: Athinas St, Monastiraki Square, Areos St, Adrianou St, Ermou St, Melidoni St, Agion Asomaton St, Psaromiligou St, Salaminos St, Pireos St, Omonia Square.

  • Zone 7

It covers the Plaka area. Bounded by: Ermou St, Syntagma Square, Vasilissis Amalias Ave, Dionysiou Areopagitou St, Thrasyllou St, Stratonos St, Theorias St, Aretousas St, Vrysakiou St, Adrianou St, Areos St, Monastiraki Square.

Following the implementation of the 1st Phase of the municipal parking system, as of 01/03/2010 the scheme is being extended (2nd Phase) to other areas of the city (based on Municipal regulatory resolution no. 1927/7-9-2009).

Permanent residents can apply to the City of Athens for a special parking permit that should be affixed to the windscreen of their vehicle.

Supporting documents can be submitted to the Municipal Parking Department, 14 Agiou Konstandinou St, 1st floor, from Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00.

Areas of implementation of the Second Phase of the Parking System

The areas are divided into the following five zones:

  • Zone 8

It covers the area of the Athens Concert Hall. Bounded by: Aristodimou St, Souidias St, Ioannou Gennadiou St, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Doryleou St, L. Skopetea St, Melina Mercouri St, Kleomenous St.

  • Zone 9

It covers the area of the Panathinaikos football stadium. Bounded by: Doryleou St, L. Skopetea St, M. Mela St, Melina Mercouri St, Koniari St, Alexandras Avenue, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.

  • Zone 10

It covers the Goudi area. Bounded by: Xenias St, Papadiamandopoulou St (boundary with Municipality of Zografou), Thivon St, Fidippidou St, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.

  • Zone 11

It covers the Ilissia area. Bounded by: Xenias St, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, Hatziyianni Mexi St, Michalakopoulou St, Ilission St, Laodikias St, Papadiamandopoulou St (boundary with Municipality of Zografou).

  • Zone 12

It covers the Thissio area. Bounded by: Apostolou Pavlou St, Agion Asomaton St, Ermou St, Panagi Tsaldari St, Evadnis St, Thessalonikis St, Exoneon St, Trion Ierarchon St, Thorykion St, Dimofondos St, Kymeon St, Akteou St, Akamandos St, Dimitrio Eginitou St.


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