22-07-2008: “Avdi Square revamp adds to Metaxourgio revival”

"This square will become the heart
of culture and recreation in your neighbourhood", Athens Mayor Nikitas
Kaklamanis underlined during yesterday's launch of revamped Avdi Square in Metaxourgio.

As part of plans to freshen up the
face of Metaxourgio, the City of Athens
intends to establish a new City of Athens Art Gallery (in the former silk
factory which is being restored), a theatre museum and a new, modern Friendship

Square - located at the
junction of Leonidou, Myllerou and Kerameikou sts in the 3rd City District - is the second recreational oasis, following the square in
Votanikos, to be handed over to citizens in the area within the past month. It
forms part of the "We're Taking Note and Taking Action" programme, which aims to rapidly and
effectively solve everyday problems in all city neighbourhoods.

The City of Athens
remodelled Avdi Square,
increased the amount and quality of greenery, improved lighting and renewed
tile surfaces. In addition to the 25 existing trees, another 39 were added,
while 112 bushes, 500 flowers and 1,000 square metres
of grass were planted. New tile surfaces measuring 271 square metres
have been laid. Avdi Square
is one of 23 greenery works which have been delivered to the public within the
municipal administration's first 18 months in office.

Following are excerpts of the statement Mayor Kaklamanis made
at the launch:

Square bears no resemblance whatsoever to the
square as we all knew it. I would like to ask one favour of you, the residents
of this neighbourhood, and that is to take care of the park and each adopt a
tree in the square for which you will be responsible.

Athens is, in essence, two cities - the
city centre and the city's neighbourhoods. Therefore, it is not by chance that -
and I must say all Athens City Council members agree - we are lending greater
emphasis to Athens'
neighbourhoods. In some areas less so, and
others more so. What you will not hear from the City Council and the municipal
administration are broken promises.

I visited the area before the elections I had promised you that this square
would be regenerated. And we kept our promise. I would like to point out once
again that we must all consider the neighbourhood as something which belongs to
us. Only in this way will we able to breathe life back into the city's

Mayor Kaklamanis also inspected restoration works at the former silk factory
- donated by Yiannis Douroutis to the municipality - which will host the new City
of Athens Art Gallery. He noted that the project would likely be completed in
18 months' time, adding:

square will soon become a cultural focal point for the city. We sincerely thank
Yiannis Douroutis for ceding the buildings that will host the new gallery and,
possibly, a new Theatre
Museum to the
municipality at no cost.

Douroutis has also ceded the home at which he continues to reside to the
municipality. The neighbourhood will acquire a Friendship Club to be established
with financing by Mr Dourotis on the ground floor of the building. I believe it
should be ready by the end of the year and will be one of the city's most
attractive Friendship Clubs.

considered it a shame to not acknowledge a man who has granted such a sizeable
estate to the municipality and, for this reason, the City Council has unanimously
agreed to name a section of the square Douroutis Square".

Deputy Mayor for Everyday Issues Angelos Moschonas made the following

projects are undertaken, words are unnecessary. The municipal administration
under Nikitas Kaklamanis has concluded its 18th month. During this time period
23 greenery projects have been carried out, whereas few public launches have
been held because the Mayor himself preferred otherwise. This is Nikitas
Kaklamanis, this is how he works.

regarding the 3rd City District, we are not speaking of ‘shopfront projects'
but projects of substance. We are expanding on the amount and improving the
quality of greenery and upgrading the quality of citizens' lives. We have also
begun a cleanliness campaign in the 3rd City District in cooperation with Deputy Mayor for Waste
Management and Environment Yiorgos Dimopoulos, which includes the sealing of
potholes, repairs to street pavements and replacement of street lighting.
the protection of the environment and city greenery".

are demonstrating on a daily basis that, above all, we are interested in
improving the quality of citizens' lives and that the Mayor's first priority is
the protection of the environment and city greenery".

Tue, 22/07/2008 - 03:00


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