Athens Mayor George Broulias


George Broulias is an Economist and Business Consultant. He is graduate of the Department of Industrial Management and Technology of the University of Piraeus and holds a postgraduate degree in Industrial Logistics Systems Organization and Management from Piraeus University and the National Technical University of Athens. He is President and CEO of All About Business Ltd, a business consulting company focusing on the development of business process redesign studies and the preparation of investment plans for EU funded programs at national and European level.

As an elected member of the City Council of Athens since 2010 and member of the Board of Director of the Regional Association of Municipalities of Attika he has held the position of President of the Athens Development & Destination Management Agency, responsible for the implementation of the “Athens Project”, a 10-year multidimensional development plan for the city of Athens, financed by EU restructuring funds that amount to 120 million euros.

In 2014, he was reelected in the municipal elections and was appointed Vice – Mayor for Finance, delegated with the exercise of the responsibilities of the Directorate of Procurements and of Finance: a) Budget, b) Accounting Office, c) Revenues and d) Expenditures, achieving to reduce municipality taxes for citizens in a period of economic crisis.

From November 2016 till may 2019 he was appointed Vice – Mayor for Waste Management, delegated with the exercise of the responsibilities of the Directorate of Cleanliness, Recycling and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance.

He is married and has a 2,5 years old son.


Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
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22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
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