Cleanliness & Recycling Line 1960

The City of Athens and its Waste Management
Department has established the 1960 telephone service to better serve Athens’


aim of the telephone line is to inform citizens on and facilitate them in all matters
relating to recycling and the cleanliness of Athens streets.


1960 line operates 24 hours a day and constitutes yet another effort on the
part of the City of Athens to make the city a friendlier place.


About the 1960 line 

1960 line puts you in touch with the citizen service office which deals with
matters relating to cleanliness and recycling and is located at the Waste
Management Department (151 Iera Odos).


has existed in its present form since 2002. It operates on a 24-hour basis, 365
days a year and has successfully dealt with more than 200,000 requests from
Athenian citizens since the day it was formed.


What it does

The 1960 citizen service office receives requests
from Athens’ citizens that chiefly concern:

  • The
    collection and transfer of household garbage
  • The
    collection and transfer of items deposited in blue recycling bins to the
    recycling unit
  • The
    washing and disinfection of garbage bins
  • Street
    cleaning (sweeping and cleaning of streets, woods, squares, street markets)
  • The
    collection of large items (following arrangement with City Districts on the
    date and hour of their transfer to sanitary landfills or the recycling unit)
  •  The placement, replacement and determination
    of the location of household garbage bins
  • The
    placement and replacement of ground-level and mounted waste disposal bins
  • The
    removal of abandoned automotive vehicles


1960 works

the 1960 citizen service telephone service receives notification of a problem,
the competent municipal section is immediately notified via e-mail.


collaboration with seven City Districts and the Waste Management Department and
with the support of the Municipal Police (where intervention is needed), it
ensures the fastest possible resolution of issues reported by citizens.


the 1960 service informs, directs and updates citizens on all
matters relating to recycling which may concern, for instance, electrical
appliances, new recycling programmes etc.


1960 for recycling

the 1960 line citizens can learn about City of Athens recycling initiatives. The
1960 service can answer the following queries:

  • Where are blue recycling bins
  • Where are stainless steel three-way recycling
    bins (for collection of plastic-glass, paper and aluminium)
  • Where can I find Reciprocal
    Recycling Centres?
  • Where can I find the bell-shaped
    paper and cardboard collection bins?
  • How can I recycle electrical and
    electronic items?
  • Where can I deposit batteries for
  • How can I recycle my old vehicle?
  • How can I recycle lubricants and



Athens City Hall
63A Athinas St, Kotzia Square, Athens 10552, Greece
Tel: +30 210 3722001
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22 Liossion St, Athens 10438
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