18-05-2010: "Municipal crews remove illegal tables and seating"

City of Athens crews today removed illegally-placed outdoor table and seating arrangements from two locations in Athens within the framework of the Municipality's wider strategy to free up public spaces and ensure all citizens have unimpeded access to the city's streets, pavements and squares.

The City of Athens operations were carried out in Kypseli and Gazi.

Deputy Mayor for Finance Nikos Vafiadis and Deputy Mayor for Commercial Establishments and City Safety Andreas Papadakis supervised the crews as they removed table and seating arrangements from Fokionos Negri St (Kypseli) and Voutadon St (Gazi) as they were illegally occupying street pavements.

Deputy Mayor Vafiadis said:

"Despite our repeated warnings, the business operators in question would not comply. Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis has ordered that all establishments which fail to observe the law will have their table and seating arrangements removed by Municipal services. On the one hand, because they obstruct the path of ambulances, fire trucks and, of course, mothers who cannot walk along the pavement with their baby strollers and, on the other, because the business operators in question must comply with the provisions of the law and understand that citizens also have a right to access street pavements and public spaces".


Tue, 18/05/2010 - 03:00


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