19-11-2009: “City of Athens Music Ensembles and D. Sgouros at Athens Concert Hall”

The City of Athens Music Ensembles Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with soloist Dimitris Sgouros and maestro
Loukas Karytinos will give the inaugural concert for
the Fryderyk Chopin Year 2010, on
Wednesday, November 25, at 8:30pm
at the Athens Concert Hall.


The year 2010 will see the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin and therefore has been declared
worldwide as the
year to pay tribute to the Polish composer and pianist.


Concert proceeds will be donated to
the City of Athens Homeless Shelter (KYADA).


On the occasion of the
concert, which is an initiative of Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis, Music Ensembles chairman
Yiorgos Katsaros and Deputy Mayor for Social
Solidarity and City of Athens Homeless Foundation
chairman Lefteris Skiadas gave a press conference
today at Athens City Hall.


The press conference was
attended by soloist Dimitris Sgouros, maestro Loukas Karytinos, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Michal
Klinger and Vice chairman of
the Homeless Foundation Giorgos Arsenis.


Music Ensembles chairman Yiorgos Katsaros stated:


"Athens Mayor Nikitas
Kaklamanis, for some time now, had thoughts to dedicate an event to the
Homeless Foundation, which is making remarkable progress thanks to its chairman,
Lefteris Skiadas, and the foundation's Friends Association.


Following discussions we
decided to organise an event with two very important personalities from the
classical music community, maestro Loukas Karytinos and world
renowned pianist Dimitris Sgouros, an artist highly admired in Greece and


It is very important for
us, the City of Athens,
the Music Ensembles and the Symphony Orchestra, that the opening concert of the
Chopin Year 2010 celebrations is held in
our country and performed by Greek artists. I believe that it will be an
unforgettable evening, one of the most enjoyable that we will have organized with
the City of Athens
since we first started".


Deputy Mayor for Social Solidarity
and City of Athens Homeless Foundation
chairman Lefteris Skiadas stated:


"Those who experience the everyday life at the Homeless Foundation, where
some 4.500 persons are fed and served daily and 180 are offered accommodation,
perhaps may be puzzled that the Chopin Year 2010 celebrations will begin in our
country through an event that aims to support our city's unfortunate
individuals. However, we consider it a particular honour that such cultural concerts
are placed in the service of society.


The fact that culture
serves society, not only shows us the sensitivity of those who embrace this
effort but something more. It shows us that we are ready as a society, as persons
of art and economy, to "stand up" in order to face big problems.


For this reason we are
grateful to Mr. Karytinos and Mr. Sgouros and particularly to our conductor Yiorgos
Katsaros, who is always willing to support the efforts of the Homeless Foundation. We are grateful to the women of the foundation's Friends Association
and to the 1.800 persons that up to today and in every way possible assist to
the foundation's purpose.


Athens Mayor Nikitas
Kaklamanis has unfolded his dream from January 2007. For the privileged to create
a protection net for the underprivileged. To create a mechanism, so that no
fellowman will find himself excluded from life itself and reality 365 days a


Soloist Dimitris Sgouros
underlined the importance of the concert and mentioned that it is held "for a
special cause":


"I am glad that I can
also contribute, in my way, to something so important as this. I feel the urge
to congratulate Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis and the Music Ensembles chairman
Yiorgos Katsaros for their strong efforts to upgrade the
culture of Athens.


The concert will be
conducted by one of Greece's
top maestros, my old associate and friend Loukas Karytinos. We selected to
perform Chopin's 2nd Piano Concerto that is not heard very often and mainly
because this year we are celebrating the 200 years from the birth of the
prominent Polish composer.


I believe that the audience
will particularly enjoy the 2nd
Piano Concerto since
we will all try hard to give the best result possible".


On his part, maestro
Loukas Karytinos, who will conduct the concert, stated:


"With great joy I accepted
the proposal of Yiorgos Katsaros to participate in this concert for many
reasons. The main reason was because the cause of the concert is very important.
Besides the proceeds that will be collected, the most important issue here is
that it activates us all to focus on our fellowmen's problems with sensitivity.


Another reason is that it
gives me the chance to work with the Music Ensembles again as I had the
pleasure to work with them for the first time three years ago. I work with them
regularly for the past three years and have noticed an amazing progress. I am
referring specifically to the City of Athens
Symphony Orchestra, which in such a short time has
gained such a serious symphonic potential.


And I must add that once
again I have the chance to work with pianist Dimitris Sgouros after a very long
time. Each time I work with him it is a moment of pleasure and musical delight
for me".


Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Michal Klinger thanked the
City of Athens
for its initiative, which, as he said, "establishes the inaugural concert for
the Chopin Year 2010".


Vice chairman of the Homeless Foundation Giorgos Arsenis also spoke highly of the
participation of Dimitris Sgouros and Loukas Karytinos in the concert and also thanked
Ensembles chairman Yiorgos Katsaros for all that he
has offered.


Thu, 19/11/2009 - 02:00


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